Isn’t time you sat back and relaxed while someone else did the cleaning?

From dusting and dishes, to vacuuming and scrubbing, the list goes on and on!
You can get those pesky chores done stress free!   Click the button below to get your weekends back!

Did you know that a cluttered or dirty home can lead to:

  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Anxiety 
  • ​Increased Seasonal Allergies
  • Skin Irritations
  • ​And More!

What Partners in Grime Can Do For You

Partners in Grime Fox Cities is your premium housecleaning service in Appleton. We offer complete cleaning services for the Fox Cities community, so that your free time is not sucked away by these pesky chores!

Imagine all of the things you could do with your time instead of cleaning! Whether its quality time with family, volunteering in our community or picking up a new hobby... Partners in Grime is proud to save you LOADS of time!

Life can be overwhelming enough. The last thing you need to do is spend your time scrubbing and mopping.

Other than give you peace of mind and more free time? We offer everything you need including:

• Complete kitchen cleaning

• Interior windows

• Floors

• Bathrooms

• Bonus rooms

• Disinfecting / Sanitizing

• And more!

We’re ready to put in the elbow grease to make sure no surface is left untouched. Let us take care of tackling the grime, so that you do not have to!

Partners in Grime VS Other Cleaning Companies

Partners in Grime

  • Uses Natural Eco-Friendly products (that actually work!)

  • Team members are proud to always go the extra mile and save you loads of time!

  • Team members are knowledgeable about products we use

  • ALWAYS friendly faces who are excited to bring in positivity and take away the grime

  • We ONLY hire core value matched team members

  • Family friendly

  • Triple check guarantee

  • Encourages feedback from clients and team and focused on continuing to improve for the future!

  • We LOVE to reward our hardworking cleaners, and are always hiring to ensure we can top grade our staff when needed

Other Cleaning Companies

  • Leave you frustrated since you always have to "clean up after your cleaning company"

  • Do not double check their work

  • Respond defensively to feedback and make you feel unappreciated

  • Misuse toxic chemicals in your home or are not knowledgeable about the products they use

  • May not have proper insurance and put you at risk if a cleaner gets injured in your home

  • Do not take accountability for damages - they "sweep it under the rug"

You deserve a break.
Partners in Grime  is here to help you cross cleaning off your todo list and get your weekends back!

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